Metro car bogie mod. 68-7054

Two-axle trolley mod. 68-7054 is designed for rolling under subway cars with an asynchronous traction drive.

The trolley is equipped with:

  • wheelsets using double-row tapered roller bearings (TBU), brake disc and grounding device;
  • axle box (primary) spring suspension using cylindrical coil springs;
  • central (secondary) pneumatic spring suspension with the use of hydraulic dampers of vertical and horizontal vibrations;
  • disc brake with elements of an anti-union device;
  • drives (electric motor, gearbox, gear coupling - for a drive trolley);
  • an electronic system that includes sensors of the anti-union device and a control system for the heating of axlebox assemblies (at the request of the Customer);
  • system of automated metered fluid lubrication of wheel flanges type RAILJET.
Name of parameter and sizeUnitsNormative value
Cart weight:
(drive / non-drive)
kg No more 7300/5150
Trolley base mm 2 100
Track width mm 1 520
Dimension in accordance with GOST 23961 - М
Construction speed km/h 90 or 100 (optional)
Type of electric motor, power kw
Переменного тока 150-180
The maximum gross load of the wheelset on the rails kN (tf) 147 (15)
Maximum load on the cart kN (tf) 215,8 (22)
Wheel diameter in a circle of skating mm 860
The minimum radius of the curve that the carriage must travel on carts m 60
The height of the cart under the wagon tare mm 980±15

Assigned frame life


No less 40


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