Passenger luggage coach model 61-7093

Locomotive-hailed passenger luggage coach is intended for transportation of luggage in passenger trains or separable postal and luggage trains on railways with 1520 mm gauge and with speeds of up to 160 km/h. The coach can be operated both on electrified and non-electrified sections of railways. The coach can be equipped with automatic-diagnostic system.

Coach length, mm 26 696
Coach width, mm 3 021
Coach wheel base, mm 19 000
Gabarit under GOST:
- body
- bogie

Coach tare mass, not more, t 51,0
Quantity of doorway openings, pcs 2
Sizes of doorway openings, mm 2100х2050
Cargo capacity, t 21
Quantity of service compartments, pcs 1
Quantity of seats in compartment, pcs 2
Axle 68-7115 and 68-7115-01
Quantity of emergency exits, pcs 2
Design speed, km/h 160
Service life, years 30

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