Restaurant car mod. 61-779P

Restaurant car is intended for passenger hot meal supporting in restaurant hall during transportation by railways with 1520 mm gauge for motion speed up to 160 km/h. Coach is to be operated both at electrified and non-electrified parts of railway line. The coach can be equipped with train automatic - diagnostic system.

Coach length, mm 26 696
Body width, mm 3 021
Coach wheel base, mm 19 000
Overall dimensions according to GOST:
- for body
- for bogie

Tare mass of the coach, not more, t 62,0
Number of hall seats 40
Number of service conpartment 1
Number of emergency exits 4
Axle 68-7115 and 68-7115-01
Power supply system Autonomic from the undercar generator

Design speed, km/h

Service life, years 30

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