Dump car model 33-7141

Carrying capacity- 115,0t

Body volume - 55,0m3

The dump car is designed for transportation of overburden rocks, ore and other bulk and loose cargoes from quarries, as well as for mechanized unloading at dumps or crushing plants of open mines. The dump car can be operated on the railway lines of industrial enterprises with design speed of not more than 70 km / h, as well as for empty run along the 1520 mm gauge railway network to the place of operation or repair, with design speed of not more than 90 km / h, like a load on its axles. The dump car unloading can be made on either side of the railway line using tipping cylinders, tilting the body towards unloading, and the sides opening mechanism. Moreover, to ensure the dump car better stability to prevent overturning, the full opening of the side is somewhat ahead of the body tilt. The car design allows loading of separate large pieces of rock weighing up to 3 tons into the body from height of 3 meters, onto the bedding with at least 300 mm thick of the fine cargo fractions. The dump car is manufactured as UHL climatic version, placement category 1 as per GOST 15150, ensuring operational reliability at lower operating air temperature to minus 60°C and upper value of plus 40°C.


Carrying capacity, t, not more


Tare mass, t


Maximum calculated static load from the wheel set on the rails, kN (tf)

271,6 (27,7)

Body volume, m3


Specific volume, (volume / carrying capacity), m3/t


Specific material consumption (tare weight / lifting capacity)


Design speed, not more, km / h:
- on main lines as empty, like a load on its axles
- on industrial lines in empty state
- on industrial lines in loaded state



  Dimensions in accordance with GOST 9238 [1], DSTU B V.2.3-29 *:
- on main lines
- on industrial lines



Freight car base, mm


Length over the coupling axes of automatic couplers, mm


Height from the rails level to the automatic coupler axis, mm


Linear load, t / m


Maximum freight car height from the rails level, mm


Body tilt angle during unloading, degree

not less than 45°

Minimum line curve radius, m


Working pressure in unloading cylinders, MPa, (kgf /с2)


Permissible (design) impact load

3 tons from 3 meters height onto bedding not less than 300 mm thick

The maximum slope of industrial line, for the car operation at maximum  speed, depending on the load, while ensuring safe braking.


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