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Today Kriukov Car Building Works can rightfully be considered as one of the most important manufacturers of rolling stock for the railways of CIS. Improving the production on the base of progressive technologies, Ukrainian car-builders achieved considerable success at the output of modern machinery demanded at the market.

One of the last achievements of “KCBW” is the creation of standard size row of hopper-cars of modern design and drop-type form. Such cars are intended for transportation of large nomenclature of granular loads, including such category as mineral fertilizers. New cars for mineral fertilizer transportation (model 19-7017) ensure the most complete use of load-carrying capacity during cargo transportation with bulk density of more than 0,8t/m3. However, in the nearest years, in connection with the transition of newly-designed rolling stock for axle load 25tf, Kriukov hopper-cars allow the operators and freight owners to increase this index up to 1,1t/m3.

Special notability of such type of freight cars is the car construction which is designed to function as the main carrying shell and there is no framework elements inside. It allows to avoid the appearance of crevice corrosion as much as possible and to increase operation qualities of the car.

One of the indisputable advantages of the new hopper cars produced at “KCBW” is the use of different types of discharging arrangements: from the traditional hatch arrangement to the universal gate one which has never been used earlier at the territory of CIS in the rolling stock of such type. To the mind of works’ specialists it will allow to meet the demand from the part of the potential customers and to meet constantly growing requirements of transport market. It also should be mentioned that stainless steel and protective coatings stable to corrosion (in particular coatings at rubber-resin base) are used for facing of construction elements of the car for mineral fertilizer transportation.


Long-standing and fruitful cooperation of “KCBW” with large operator companies, which specialize in container transportations, led to the creation at the enterprise the unique long-base fitting flat-car of 13-7034 model. Its characteristic is the decreased mass of car tare (up to 22t), it gives the possibility to transport 40-feet and 20-feet containers in different combination. Owing to general decrease of the metal content achieved by the use of modern materials and new constructive decisions in the process of production, the weight of the car was considerably diminished. Simultaneously it allows to keep strength characteristics of the car which is of great importance with its total length 25,62m and load-carrying capacity 71,5t. It is not set aside such traditional for JSC “KCBW” type of the output as open-top cars.


The wishes of the regular consumers were considerably taken into account in the designed open-top cars of 12-7023 series developed by the enterprise designers and also novelties and achievements used by the other car-builders in the rolling stock of such class were realized. Thus, the steels of the increased strength were used during the production of center sill, lower binding of the body, lining of lateral walls and cross elements of the frame. Besides, the characteristics of automatic coupling arrangements CA-3 were improved and shock absorbers of T-1 class were used.

It is worth mentioning, that open-top cars of this series can use both traditional running part (bogie of 18-100 model) and the new perspective bogie of 18-7020 model equipped with split bearings with adapter and elastic-rolling sliders of ISB-12 model developed by the “KCBW” designers. As a whole, according to market expert estimations, this series of open-top cars has good consumers’ and operating characteristics. The body volume is increased for 20% and composes 90m3 (correspondingly, the load-carrying capacity is also increased), service life of the car is 32 years that is more for 45% than the existing analogues have.

However, not only these products are the novelties of Kriukov car-builders. During the last year the development of such significant field as passenger railway car-building has got the progress at KCBW. All necessary tests of earlier manufactured passenger car of the new generation, model 61-788, and its bogie, model 68-7020, have already been concluded and at the beginning of the next year the works is ready to start their serial production. To decrease the prime cost and final cost, the samples of passenger cars with the use of complete- and leather finishing agents produced by national manufacturers are developed and manufactured. The first five-cars train was manufactured for Kiev underground.

At present, works’ specialists continue the works at the direction of safety and reliability rise of their produce, improvement of its operating characteristics and the increase of service lives.


Metro and tunnels


#1, 2005
Escalators of “Kriukov vagonzavod”
Y.N. Kovalenko – project chief engineer –
Technical director deputy of concern
“Kriukov vagonzavod”


Ukrainian enterprise concern “Kriukov vagonzavod” is widely known as one of the oldest enterprises of transport machine – building, first of all as the producer of the railway rolling stock.

Nowadays, having high-skilled design-technological personnel and sufficient productive capacities, our enterprise works on the principle of multiprofile production development, and considers that is possible to work at the condition of market economy only in such a way.

Long-standing and fruitful cooperation with Ukrainian undergrounds began from mastering and production of spare parts for escalators and metro cars; finally, this fact gave cause and created appropriate ground at the development of such direction as projecting and production of the escalators at the enterprise. The decision to create tunnel escalator for one of being built Kiev metro stations was taken in close communication with underground specialists.

The events occurred at the escalator – building market in CIS countries, caused by the break-up of designing- and production companies in 1997, served as the occasion for such decision taking. SDBE and PU “Escalator” (Saint – Petersburg) broke into some independent firms: “ELES” and “Latres” (former shops of PU “Escalator”); it led to market division of escalator output producers: “ELES” manufactures and supplies to the consumers basically tunnel escalators, “Latres” chose interfloor escalators to be the prior direction of the output production. The output of these firms has equal demand at home market. Strong competitors at interfloor escalator production at Russian market are such foreign firms as “OTIS”, “Schindler”, “KONE” and others, but “ELES” with its tunnel escalators of great height and classical arrangement scheme has no competitors.

Thus, changes in the country led to the appearance of the precedent which could not arise earlier: competitive struggle has appeared, this phenomenon is useful in every respect for any machinery progress. Together with leaders of escalator-building (“ELES” and “Latres” firms), newly created CSC “Constructor” (Saint – Petersburg) tests its strength with new machine ЭТХ 3/75 where the attempts to combine the advantages of traditional and module arrangement schemes were tested. The production of the escalators of such type was started in Kiev at “Bolshevik” works. The result is unfortunate, none of the 6 machines produced for today does not work. Pioneer decisions offered in the construction of ЭТХ 3/75 escalator turned to be ineffective. Nevertheless, CSC “Constructor” did not stop the works at the creation of new generation escalator. Perhaps, taking into account the decision correction according to the results of expensive test works, a new viable machine will be created at the capital of Ukraine, but not one year is necessary for undergrounds to install it at least at one of the stations. Risk value is very high.

Let us conclude the excursus to the history and return to our days. At present many escalators of Kiev underground have already gone through 5-7 overhauls, are physically antiquated and require to be changed.

Escalator ETK-245 Metro station “Syrets”, Kiev

Together with this, being built metro stations require to be equipped with modern tunnel escalators. Taking into account the experience of long-term exploitation of Saint-Petersburg’s machines, unfortunate experience and the attempts to create the new generation escalators, the specialists of escalator service of Kiev underground came to the decision that escalator must be of classical scheme for the equipment of new stations, but its design must consider all wishes of operating organization of escalator service. The wishes were based on the long-term experience of escalator exploitation, type ET, EM, LT, and their modifications. These are the main requirements embodied at the construction of new escalators:
safety margin and metalwork stiffness are increased;

  • motion speed of staircase cloth is decreased up to 0,75 m/s, it allows to increase overhaul period and to make passenger safety conditions better;
  • it was made the modernization of bridling equipment of hauling chains and handrail, it provides the automatic adjustment of staircase cloth- and handrail tightening;
  • operating brakes were modernized at the account of electromagnet substitution of the alternating current for the direct one;
  • the modernization of input shaft of the reduction gear with operating brake was made by means of redistribution of flywheel mass of input shaft inside the reduction gear, strengthening of the bearing units and the use of smooth start and braking by the electrical method with the applying of single brake and engine with short-circle rotor; - it is made the modernization of the escalator main drive shaft by means of its disconnection with the reduction gear with the help of special coupler;
  • it allows to avoid mounting seat faults of bearing units and makes the dismantling of these units during repairing works easier;
  • it is provided the applying of micro processor system of the escalator control which is adapted to technical facilities of the dispatcher control being at the exploitation at Kiev underground;
  • Constructive decisions were coordinated with the specialists of Kiev underground and applied in life.



Besides, basically Ukrainian enterprises were attracted for the production of escalator composite parts. By the way, the escalator of ET3 type was chosen as the prototype of the new escalator because during exploitation it recommended itself from the best side. Not going into details, it can be summed up for today: the design of the escalators was worked out, escalators were manufactured and mounted at the metro station “Syrets” of Kiev underground and the station itself was adopted by the State committee for permanent exploitation on the 11th of October 2004 and works without defects up to today. The arsenal of Kriukov railway car – builders also includes the working out of interfloor escalator which was manufactured and supplied in 2003 to Kharkov Juridical Academy, in 2005 – to trade center “Yuzhnyi” which is in Lvov. Nowadays, some more types of escalators both tunnel and interfloor are at the engineering developments in Technical center of the works. For the present, escalators take the modest place, only 12%, at the total volume of concern production but the reconstruction and creation of new stations and lines of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk undergrounds is ahead. And this is the provision of concern workers with work for many years, it is of great importance in our difficult time. By the way, the escalators became the distinctive link which helped to the concern to overstep the qualitatively new limits with the main output – cars. In may 2004 the Kiev mayor Omelchenko A.A. approved the program “Cooperation program…” between “KCBW” concern, KE “Kiev underground” and Kiev municipal state administration at the creation of new car for underground and new escalators. It is jointly planned to present test 5-car stock at Kiev underground lines in 2005.

Analogues program documents are worked also by the superiors of other Ukrainian undergrounds where the problem of passenger transportation is not less urgent. In conclusion it is worth pointing out that the market of escalator building is so great and various that it is enough area for effort- and production capacity attaching for everyone who has the wish to use such possibilities. And good competition will be only useful for the development of this type of the output.




All-Ukrainian magazine
“Empire of property,
construction and architecture”
#1, 2005



“Lifting-and-conveying machines”
#1 January 2005

“Birth of Ukrainian escalators”

Y. N. Kovalenko, chief engineer of project, Technical director deputy of “Kriukov vagonzavod” (Ukraine)


Ukrainian concern “Kriukov vagonzavod” is widely known in CIS countries as one of the oldest enterprises of transport car building, first of all rolling stock. However, having highly skilled personnel of designers and technologists and appropriate capacities, during the last years “Kriukov vagonzavod” diversifies its production, justly supposing that only so we can survive at the conditions of market economy.

Old cooperation of concern with Ukrainian underground railway was beginning from putting into production of spare parts for escalators and metro cars. Finally it favours the development at the enterprise such direction as designing and production of escalators. As a result, after close communication with underground railway specialists, it was taken a decision to produce tunnel escalator for one of the station of Kiev underground railway. Situation, established at post soviet market of escalator building and caused, first of all, by collapse of designing organizations and production enterprises in 1997, gave rise for such decision. Specialized Design Office (SDO) of escalator building and Production Union (PU) “Escalator” (Saint Petersburg) were transformed into independent firms: non-existent at present “ЭЛЛ”, “ЭЛЭС” and “ЛАТРЭС” (former workshops of PU “Escalator”), it led to market segmentation of escalator output producers: “ЭЛЭС” produces basically tunnel escalators and the main direction of “ЛАТРЭС” is the production of interfloor escalators. Output of both firms is equally in popular demand at home market. As for interfloor escalators, strong competitors at Russian market are such foreign firms as “Otis”, “Schindler”, “KONE” and others, but “ЭЛЭС” company with its tunnel escalators of great height and classical scheme of escalator arrangement has no competitors.

Thus, competitive struggle takes place at present at escalator market. This phenomenon is rather useful for progress of any machinery. Together with leading companies of traditional escalator building (“ЭЛЭС” and “ЛАТРЭС”), “Designer” company tries its own forces (the company set up on its own from SDO of escalator building in 1987) with new machine ЭТХ-3/75, the design of which combines advantages of traditional and module schemes of escalator arrangement.

The production of this type machines began at Kiev works “Bolshevik”. However, it is known that introduction of principally new decisions requires great efforts and means. Anyway, from the produced six machines no one escalator works - “Bolshevik” failed to realize revolutionary transformations in escalator building. But “Designer” company continues works at producing escalator of new generation. Perhaps, with regard for decision correction under outcomes of test works in the capital of Ukraine, new viable machine will be created. At the present JSC “Universalmash” (one of the branch establishments of “Kirov works” in Saint Petersburg) is busy with production preparation of its interfloor variant (ЭПХ). But we think that more than one year is required for the undergrounds to install non-traditional machines at least at one of the stations – because of great risk rate. During working out of new escalator, Kremenchug designers proceeded from the fact that escalator will be produced according to classical scheme, but all wishes of escalator service - operating organization - must be taken into account in its design. The wishes were based at many-years-experience of escalator operation, type ЭГ, ЭМ, ЛГ and their modifications. That is why, the main requirements, presented by operating staff, were realized in the design of new escalators. Among them are:

  • safety and stiffness margin of metalworks is increased;
  • motion speed of staircase cloth is decreased up to 0,75m/s, it allows to extend life time between repairs and to improve passenger safety conditions;
  • modernization of tightener of hauling chains and handrail provided with automatic tension adjustment of staircase cloth and handrail;
  • working brakes are modernized by changing of electromagnets of alternating current into electromagnets of direct current;
  • modernization of input shaft of reduction gear with working brake by means of redistribution of hand wheel masses of input shaft inside reduction gear, reinforcement of bearing units and by using smooth start and braking by electrical method with application of single brake and engine with short-circuit rotor was carried out;
  • main escalator shaft is modernized by means of its disconnection from reduction gear with the help of special coupling. It allows to avoid mounting seat violation of bearing units and makes their dismounting during repair works easier;
  • the use of micro processing system of escalator control, adapted to technical facilities of dispatcher control, which are operated in Kiev underground, is stipulated.

The realisation of constructive decisions was preceded by their coordination with the experts of the Underground of Kiev. Moreover, mainly Ukrainian enterprises were involved in the production of the component parts for the escalators. Admittedly, the ЭТ-3 escalator was chosen as the prototype of the new escalator. The ЭТ-3 escalator had proved to be reliable while being exploited. Without going into details, we can sum up: new escalators of the original design were produced and placed at the “Syrets” metro station of the Kiev Underground, admitted to service by the state commission on 11.10.2004.

Kriukov car-builders had also designed and produced the interfloor escalator, located in the Law Academy of Kharkov and approved by the operating staff and consumers.
There are several types of tunnel and interfloor escalators, which are currently being developed in the technical centre of the plant.

The part of escalators in the general output of the plant is small now – 12%. However, the development of new lines and stations of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk undergrounds and re-construction of the old ones is not far off. And this will provide the enterprise with orders for many years ahead.

Incidentally, the escalators turned out to become a so-called springboard, having brought the main produce of the concern – railway cars out onto the new quality level. In May 2004 the mayor of Kiev Alexander Omelchenko ratified the program of cooperation among the Kriukov Car Building works, Kiev Underground and Kiev municipal state administration, concerning the construction of the new railway car for the underground. The mutual plans of the year 2005 include the 5-car stock to be put on the lines of the Kiev Underground.



Information-analytical magazine
Business magazine “RRW-Partner”
#3 2005



Vladimir Prikhodko
President of concern “Kriukov



Concern “Kriukov vagonzavod”- one of that trade partners, the cooperation with which is tested by the time.

For its 130 years history, our enterprise delivered more than 450 thousands of freight cars for branch demands.





Swift development of people’s household complex during the last time did not evade our works. Universality, mobility, efficiency in order execution, high goods quality are bases which are used by Kriukov car builders in their commercial activity and without which success of work is impossible in modern market conditions.

Nowadays concern is high mobile, multiform enterprise which always modernizes its production base, develops traditional- and creates new production directions. It also has strong potential and meets the requirements of the most exacting consumer.

Great production experience, the presence of skilled design-technological personnel became the main works activity in modern conditions. Thanks to this fact JSC “KCBW” takes leading positions at transport market of post-soviet area, has hard commercial contacts with many foreign consumers.

Fame and obligation in cooperation with great consumers of railway goods, including leading operating companies of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, allowed to the company not only to increase considerably volumes of the produced goods (nearly 7000 freight cars were produced in 2004), but to broaden sale geography of the produced goods. Organizations and firms of Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Byelorussia became its new buyers in 2004.
Taking into account tendencies of railway branch development and specific of railway transportation development, specialists of the enterprise, together with traditionally produced models of freight cars, spare parts and components, worked out and are ready to offer to consumers a number of novelties with improved strength- and maintenance characteristics: blind floor open top car with increased (up to 72 tons) load-carrying capacity and decreased tare mass; hopper car for transportation of different grain-crops with enlarged body (up to 108 m3) and simplified system of discharge; hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers with different system of discharge arrangements.
Particular place among novelties of car builders takes long-base fitting flat-car of modern design for transportation of 20 and 40 feet containers, which was worked out and produced in short terms. At present, test sample of car is successfully put to the tests, which are going to be finished at the nearest time.

Works at developing of passenger car building are going on at the enterprise. Interest to this kind of goods among consumers grows swiftly. Consumers from Central Asia countries are interested in cooperation with works and JSC “KCBW” is ready to offer to the consumers modern comfortable cars which are intended for operating speed up to 200 km/h at the bogies of its own design.
Considerable increase of produced goods volumes, high rates and raising of production efficiency, economic validity of activity direction choice allow the works not only to keep but also to strengthen positions at home car building, to invest profit in the development of production and its modernization.

However, there are problems familiar to each manufacturer of metal consuming goods. First of all it is regular increase of prices for metal rolled stock and steel castings which considerably influences the paces of production and its development. However, “Kriukov Vagonzavod” is always ready to fulfill its partner obligations irrespective of outward factors. It attracts consumers to our enterprise.

We are always ready to mutually beneficial cooperation and glad to see you among our customers


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