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Председатель наблюдательного совета В.И. Приходько.

Председатель наблюдательного совета В.И. Приходько.


Dear Sirs, dear friends,


Thank you for visiting the site of “Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” Public Joint Stock Company. Having opened its pages, you will, so to speak, visit us, see products and production capacities, participate in memorable events, walk over the territory of the oldest enterprise in Ukraine, meet its people. I am sure that you will be convinced of the fact that year after year Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, in spite of its history of 145 years, becomes younger and grows prettier, is built and developed; that it is open for the people of good will and mutually beneficial fruitful collaboration.

One of our mottos is: “From idea – to result”. Perhaps, this phrase and meaning of it reflect most fully and capaciously the essence of activities, ideology of business of “Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” Public Joint Stock Company. It contents the aspiration for advance, desire to work in new and new activity spheres, readiness to meet the desires of customers. It contents liability of the firm to its country, community of partners in the world, buyers of products, staff for final outcome of the work. That is how our company acts.

Weighty stratum of intellectual property – wide range of freight and passenger cars, escalators, underground cars, motor graders, EMUs, commuter DMUs and other technique created at our enterprise is a basis of corporative culture of KRCBW. The team of Kryukov Railway Car Building Works has considerable achievements in many directions: in respect of volumes and quality of output products, advancement to new markets, self positioning as an advanced developing enterprise and development of corporativity inside the team.

We apply the innovation-investment model as a main mechanism of development of “KRCBW” PJSC and cooperating enterprises. Innovative way of development has resulted in the changes in professional training of personnel and formed other quality of employment – new interesting working places for engineers and workers.

As a result in Ukraine there has been created the national innovation-investment cluster – amalgamation of enterprises connected by interactive technological chains in production of innovative products and high technologies. We are proud of that and pursue the planned course.

Our products are destined to give joy for people, to bring nearer cities and countries, to shorten distances, to join hearts, to serve for development and prosperity of Ukraine and our partners. Our enterprise is our world and we create and cherish it. We invite you to it. 

Yours faithfully,


chairman of supervisory board of “KRCBW” PJSC,


president of company – Mr. Vladimir Prikhodko