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Kryukov Railway Car Building Works:

introducing innovations, maintaining traditions

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“Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” Public Joint Stock Company (“KRCBW” PJSC) is located on the right riverside of Dnieper in Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Ukraine. On area of more than 100 hectares there are spread out buildings of shops and administrative buildings, laboratories and testing areas, engineering centres and power communications.

The enterprise commences its genealogy from Kryukov railway car repair workshops built in 1869. In 1930 the workshops had become a railway car building works, there had been started the production of new rolling stock – freight cars. Today KRCBW is big transnational company, unique enterprise of mixed type, where on one production area there are created and manufactured both freight cars and social purpose transport – passenger cars of locomotive traction, interregional and commuter EMUs, DMUs, underground cars, escalators, running gears for freight and passenger cars.

Freight car building of KRCBW is a production of open top cars with improved specifications, hopper cars of new generation, tank cars for transportation of oil products, specialized, combined, box cars. Over half a million Kryukov freight cars worked and are working on main railway lines.

Starting from 1951 at our enterprise there had been arranged the production of engineering floating technique for Armed forces: self-propelled ferries, ferry-bridge machines, underwater reconnaissance machines; there has been created the mine laying vehicle. The creation of hopper cars and floating amphibious machines has been awarded with State Prizes of USSR.

The last 25 years of KRCBW history are marked by new crucial changes. In 1988 our enterprise went over to full self-repayment and self-financing, in 1993 there had been created Open joint stock company. Starting from 2012 - “Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” Public Joint Stock Company. There are maintained and augmented buildings, installations, production facilities, production and personnel potential, intellectual property, company integrity, single policy in management and strategy of development. This has permitted for the enterprise not only to survive in the years critical for all post-Soviet space, but also to begin the realization of new development strategy.

This strategy is in the expansion of geography of sales and market outlets. Kryukov Railway Car Building Works has performed the independent entry to the markets of countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America, supplying the products to more than 20 countries of the world. During many years the main countries-partners are Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Baltic States; the collaboration of many years with Iran and People's Republic of China was fruitful.

Several new branches of Ukrainian mechanical engineering were born at Kryukov Railway Car Building Works. In the 1990s there had been created motor grader, frontal loader, which were not manufactured in Ukraine formerly, there had been arranged the serial production of middle class graders.

2001 is the year of creation of domestic passenger car building: there has been assembled the first Ukrainian passenger car. In subsequent years there had been arranged the serial production of these products. The stages of development of this branch were the participation in program of development of speeded up traffic – the production of first capital express trains “Kiev-Kharkov” and “Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk”. In 2005 this work had been awarded with State Prize of Ukraine.

During these years the enterprise had created more than 48 models and modifications of passenger cars of various types and classes: cars with reserved seats, compartment cars, sleeping cars, cars with places for transit of disabled persons, restaurant cars, RIC clearance cars for ensuring the international traffic, interregional and commuter EMUs (160-200 km\h), interregional trains of locomotive traction (160 km/h), DMUs (160 km/h). There is conducted the elaboration of high speed trains (up to 250 km/h), double desk cars of locomotive traction with aluminium body, city trams.

In 2002 at KRCBW there had been assembled the first domestic floor-to-floor escalator, in 2004 – four first tunnel escalators for “Syrets” station of Kiev underground. The development of this direction in further years allows to speak of creation of another one mechanical engineering branch in Ukraine – the escalator building. Today the escalators made at KRCBW are working in Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk, St. Petersburg. There has been started the supply of tunnel escalators for Moscow underground.

In 2005 the work of creation of technique for undergrounds has been crowned with the production of first underground cars. Today in Kiev underground there are working 6 trains made at KRCBW. There has been created and put into production the underground train with asynchronous traction drive on original bogies of own production with central air suspension. This is evidence of creation of domestic branch of underground car building.

Instead of supplies to internal market, Ukraine represented by Kryukov Railway Car Building Works exports passenger cars to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. Escalators – to Belarus and Russia.

Production of modern technique is impossible without new technologies and materials. At KRCBW there has been implemented the application of steels of improved strength and wear resistance in freight car building; there have been purchased and installed the best European machines and complexes for the machining of parts and units. There have been mastered the technologies of gluing the frameworks, applying the stainless steels, aluminium; the air suspension structures are applied for bogies. For the nearest time there is planned the transition to application of aluminium alloys, polymeric materials in manufacturing the high speed trains. This conforms to European level in transport mechanical engineering.

There have been created and are working the joint Byelorussian-Ukrainian enterprise – Gomel railway car building works, the Russian-Ukrainian enterprise “Kirov-KRCBW”, which manufacture the products under Ukrainian technologies.

Management system of Kryukov Railway Car Building Works has been certified in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 and railway industry standard IRIS, railway branch standards of Ukraine UkrSEPRO and Russia SSFJT, as well as American standard AAR. KRCBW has a number of international awards for product quality, what allows to create the technique, which is not inferior to the best world analogues in any respect. All this works for positive image of Ukraine, increase of pride for its achievements.

Our company has its trademark, flag and anthem. 9 thousand people work at the enterprise. KRCBW is repeated winner of All-Ukrainian competition “The best employer of Ukraine”. Among social programs – versatile charitable activities, veteran movement supporting, partner relations with trade union organization, purposeful youth policy, maintaining and financing the social sphere, social package for workers of the enterprise, help to city and region.

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works has the status of one of the best taxpayers in Ukraine. The company is open for collaboration both on Ukrainian and on international markets.

The increase of corporative culture, the initiation and successful fulfillment of a number of State programs, the application of innovation-investment model of development are the main components of ideology, tactics and strategy of “KRCBW” PJSC.